It looks like the game has turned! China responds to US and creates list of unreliable entities

The escalation of the US-China trade war , which led to the end of the partnership between Google and Huawei , won a new chapter. Responding to the Donald Trump administration, which created a 'blacklist' of companies that could only negotiate with the US upon presidential authorization, China has decided to do the same.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government will put on the list companies that "break the nature of contracts, violate market rules, block supplies to businesses for non-commercial reasons and somehow damage" legitimate rights "

However, the Asian country has not yet mentioned which entities make up the group and what measures will be taken against them. There may be no further damage, as there is an economic link between the US and China, with several contracts in place. Breaking up with some partners can hurt local businesses.

That is, the list could be a way of forcing the United States to resume negotiations and remove Huawei from the local Commerce Department listing. In practice, a possible worsening of tensions between the two countries could be detrimental to the technological industry of both countries. Intel, Qualcomm and Apple may face serious difficulties in case of a move out of the Chinese market.

According to the Financial Times, shortly after the US embargo, Huawei would have ordered its employees to "cancel technical meetings with US partners" and "send back numerous US officials involved at the company's headquarters."

However, in recent days the temperature has been dropping, with actions that show some kind of negotiation. Huawei's smartphones have again been part of the Android Q Beta program, as well as other companies and associations such as Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association , which have re-established relations with the Chinese manufacturer.


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