iPhone of 2020 can count on 5nm chip for efficiency never seen

Although the 2019 iPhones have not yet been officially presented to the world, something that is expected in September, new forecasts for Apple's future devices are coming to light next year thanks to the plans unveiled by Taiwanese TSMC chip maker ..

The Apple supplier has confirmed that it plans to start the production volume of chips with 5-nanometer lithography during the first quarter of 2020, offering transistor numbers 1.8 times higher than that found in 7nm chips, in addition to counting up to 15 % increase for the transmission speed of information on the chip.

According to TechWeb , TSMC still wants to go beyond the next few years aiming to build nanochips with only 3-nanometer lithography for the year 2022.

While TSMC and Apple work hand in hand to bring the 2020 iPhones to the market with a 5-nanometer chip, it looks like Qualcomm will work with Samsung to manufacture its Snapdragon 865 processors with Samsung's proprietary technology, 7 nanometers.

That means that, most likely, Qualcomm's next-gen chip will still offer the same lithographs used in its processors this year, and as a result may cause Apple to take the lead and make iPhones of 2020 will be the first smartphones to adopt the new 5-nanometer lithograph in their chipsets.

Of course, it is still too early to guarantee any information, but with TSMC already preparing to manufacture such chips on a large scale, it is very likely that some company has an interest in using them. Despite this, it is very likely that Apple will continue to adopt 7nm chip manufacturing with the 2019 iPhones.


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