IOS resource helps mother find missing daughter

A feature on the iPhone has caused a young woman to be rescued from minor injuries after a car accident in Surry County, North Carolina.

Macy Smith was on the road heading toward his friends' house when he skidded on the track and eventually dropped the car into the thicker vegetation. The car was not visible on the highway, it rained hard on the spot and she had her arm and hair pinned, which prevented her from moving to reach the cell phone.

Fortunately, Macy's mother, Catrina Alexander, was well aware of what to do at these times. She activated the feature "Find Friends" from Apple , that has all the registered family and tracked in real time, and found the positioning of the iPhone daughter. She took a different from the conventional way and therefore it would be difficult to find the car even doing the way it normally would.

Macy was found about six hours later by her parents and rescue team, which was triggered when her daughter was reported missing and used the data provided by the iPhone to find her. "Friends" is more often used to find people close to you from the contact list, but can also be a form of parental control.


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