iOS 13 will let you delete applications in the list of updates from the App Store

The new version of Apple 's main mobile operating system , iOS 13, as well as the new iPadOS, will feature a new way to delete applications from your device, right from the App Store.

In the update section of the apps on your smartphone, where they are all listed and with the "Open" or "Update" button, you only need to drag the chosen one to the left side to see the "Delete" or "Delete" option.

Then a new message appears asking if the user really wants to delete the application and its data, just confirm to complete.

Another change that must come with a new version of iOS is the replacement of the updates tab, which is now elsewhere, giving its space to the " Arcade " tab , the company's new game subscription service.

To access the list of apps to upgrade, you'll need to press your profile photo at the top of the App Store and slide to the "Pending updates" option. IOS 13 is expected to be released to the general public later this year, probably in September, following the annual calendar of Apple updates.


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