Instagram Stories now shows lyrics; learn how to do

The Instagram released a tool that enables the display of lyrics in Stories . The user can now , in addition to putting songs in their videos, set up an animation that shows what is being said in different fonts, colors and sizes.

The feature will only be enabled for users who have access to the music sticker, released last year after the social network has made an agreement with the world's major labels: Sony, Warner and Universal.

How to put letters in Stories

To put the lyrics in Stories just create a new story, access the Stickers in the upper right corner of the screen, select "Music", search for the desired song and select it. Ready, just set the letter the way you prefer and share.


Because the tool will only be available to those who have access to the in-app music sticker, it may be that some profiles take longer to be able to share content with friends.

When contacted the advicer of Instagram, but got no further response when the feature will come to the country and to which smartphones. 

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