Huawei Mate X beats 1 Gbps of speed in 5G

Even in the midst of conflict with the US government , Huawei does not seem interested in dropping the expectation set for the foldable Huawei Mate X smartphone . As the handset will support 5G , nothing is fairer than displaying the speed results obtained with the new telecommunication technology.

That's what He Gang, head of Huawei's smartphone division, did. He showed that the mobile can reach speeds of more than 1 Gbps download and almost 100 Mbps upload when connected to 5G. The images released by He also show that the device is able to switch between different networks.

Despite the good results, the test has one caveat. It was made inside a research lab of China Unicom operator. Therefore, this speed will probably not be seen in a real scenario, with interference of buildings and other elements present in the cities.

Announced during MWC 2019 , the Huawei Mate X has drawn attention to having a fold-out screen, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold . According to an information that appeared in the official page of the mark , the device can begin to be sold still this month of June. So far, it has no set price.


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