Huawei is internally testing the EMUI 10 based on Android Q

With all this trade tension between the US and China , and the US government encouraging a number of companies (even overseas) to "boycott" the Chinese manufacturer - including Google - we know that the brand is already working on a b can use Android more.

Fearing this uncertain future, many mobile operators even started to underline the sales of Huawei smartphones , after all, they did not know if the company could continue to provide software support to its customers.

Here's a new leaked hope for all brand fans about future software updates: apparently it will not be this time that Android will bid goodbye to the smartphones sold by the company.

Recent information shared by leaker FunkyHuawei detail that the brand is already working on its next version of EMUI (in this case, the tenth edition of the interface).

According to him, the system is already being tested extensively internally by Huawei, which reiterates plans to launch a new version of Android for laptops.

It is worth remembering that during IO19 the Mate 20 Pro , top of the line of Huawei, was one of the models that gained access to the third beta of Android Q - despite having been removed from the list of devices eligible for the update a few weeks ago.

That is, nothing Ark OS for Huawei smartphones, not for the time being at least - the news should calm many who were thinking of acquiring a smartphone from the company  


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