Huawei is charging $ 1bn to a US company for infringing patents

In the middle of the confrontation with the United States government , Huawei does not want to leave the country without first solving some issues with the local brands - this time, the Chinese company's aim is aimed at the home of Verizon.

Huawei wants more than $ 1 billion in licensing fees for Verizon patents , according to a report from Reuters .

The fees are for the use of more than 230 network equipment patents, the note says.

Verizon is using equipment through other companies that rely on Huawei's patents for network coverage, Internet Technology of Things and fixed-line infrastructure.

Representatives from Verizon and Huawei met last week in New York to discuss whether the equipment could infringe on Huawei's patents, according to Reuters.

"These issues are bigger than 
just Verizon. Taking into 
account the broader geopolitical
 context, any issues involving 
Huawei have implications for 
the whole industry and also 
raise national and 
international concerns. "

A Verizon spokesman told Reuters.

The United States put the Huawei brand on a blacklist in May, and President Donald Trump signed an executive order that essentially barred the company from remaining in the US on national security grounds - a charge that Huawei denied repeatedly.

Credit rating organization S & P Global Global said on Wednesday that the impact on Huawei's ban in the US could be a more serious and broader issue, affecting even the growth of US technology companies.

Also on Wednesday, Huawei confirmed to CNET that it is contesting the US ban with a memorandum from the Federal Communications Commission.


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