Huawei embargo: Facebook prohibits pre-installation of WhatsApp & Co

Several technology giants have been joining the boycott of Donald Trump 's government imposed on Huawei . Some of them have done this as much discretion, as the latest case, Facebook . According to Reuters , the social network - as well as Instagram , WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger - can no longer come pre-installed on Chinese devices.

Those who already have phones that come with these built-in apps - or who downloaded them later - will not be affected and will continue to update them, according to the company itself. But it will no longer be possible, for example, a store to run deals related to these softwares, which is something common to increase the appeal at the time of sales.

The Twitter and, which usually appear embedded in phones from Huawei in multiple markets, would also be considering the possibility of leaving pre-installation of these products. However, both chose not to comment on the matter.

Facebook may be unfeasible on new Huawei phones soon 

As stated above, even if Facebook does not come pre-installed, users will be able to download it from the Play Store . But that may change soon as Google's parent company, Alphabet , has warned it would no longer provide Android after the 90-day deadline granted by the United States government expires in August.

As the social networking software is in the Giant's Shop, then after that it would be more difficult to install an official version with frequent updates. For now, the company of Mark Zuckerberg says nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Huawei tries a truce in this escalation of boycotts and follows in its plans to launch its own operating system and its shelf of applications.

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