Huawei can use its biggest weapon against US companies, rumor says

After admitting that US pressure is already affecting its profits , Huawei may begin to use one of its main weapons against companies in the country. According to information obtained in China, the manufacturer already studies how to take advantage of its vast portfolio of patents in essential technology .

This is because the Chinese giant has about 56,492 active patents in the area of ​​telecommunications, networks and other sectors. In one example, in 2018 alone, Huawei achieved registration for 1,680 patents in the United States, with the company's portfolio consisting of 102,911 records .

So with this considerable amount of patents, sources say China may start vetoing that US companies use some of its core technologies. However, this option should only be considered if new sanctions are applied by the US.

According to Chinese media, should Huawei bring this measure into action, the first affected companies in the United States will be the telephone operators . Citing just one example, the Chinese holds a patent licensing dispute with Verizon .

The lawsuit is still pending, but the Chinese company charges $ 1 billion in royalties from the US company. If Huawei resolves to "block" the use of its technologies, other operators will certainly be affected, as some of them indirectly use Chinese products .

For now, Huawei has not commented on the matter . Thus, we warn that everything still has to be considered as just another rumor. Anyway, the trade war pulled by Trump could end up bringing a major headache to US carriers. In addition, the dispute should also delay the popularization of 5G .


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