Harry Potter: Wizards Unite arrives in June for US and UK

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will arrive on June 21, at least in the United States and United Kingdom. The new game of Niantic ( Pokémon GO and Ingress) based on the wizard universe will use GPS systems equal to the others. The information came from an event held on Wednesday (19) by WB Games, which publishes the game.

The title arrives for Android and iOS in free format like the others from Niantic. The developer will also use the Niantic Real World Platform , an already advanced mapping system with augmented reality. This platform is the same created for Pokémon GO and Ingress, which uses the real streets of the player as a map for the game.

Also based on past experiences, Niantic has announced that it will launch public events, as they currently happen in Pokémon Go.

The game went live in beta for users from Australia and New Zealand. According to information from the event, the initial launch on June 21 takes place only in the United States. The promotional video itself also confirms date only for the two regions.

Just as it was in Pokémon Go , there will be releases from country to country. We got in touch with WB Games, which publishes the game in Brazil and we look forward to answering the date here.

The story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going on nowadays, with the player having to live a recruit of the Statute of Secrets of Magic Task Force (a partnership between the Ministry of Magic and the International Wizards Confederation).

As in Ingress , one must run after a series of witchcraft anomalies in the Muggle world (so-called non-wizarding). The reason for hiring new wizards for work is the imminence of the Catastrophe, as the wizarding world is beginning to be exposed.

Incidentally, JK Rowling, creator of the series, does not participate in the production of this game, which is licensed by the seal Portkey Games, aimed at releasing intellectual property for games.


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