Google points to risks to national security and monopoly of Android by banning Huawei

Google would have warned the United States government about security risks to the country, with the ban on Huawei. According to the Financial Times , the Mountain View giant wants to leave the list of companies under pressure to stop providing technology to the Chinese manufacturer.

According to three anonymous sources, Google would have a concern about the future Ark OS operating system. The fear is that it will be an easier platform for hackers to hack into the device - since there would be no Play Protect security technology.

Breaking the monopoly

Another argument from Google would be the "creation of two types of Android". In this way, the company's monopoly over the operating system would be broken. Currently, smartphone makers - other than Apple - only have the option offered by the search giant.

With Huawei's exit from the list of companies for which Google provides OS, it would lead the company to create an alternative, viable and China-controlled option.

Will USA accept? 

The tendency is that the government of Donald Trump does not accept the argument of Google. That is because the US president himself mentions the issue of national security, but reaffirms that everything can be resolved if China accepts a trade agreement with the United States.

It is worth remembering that the Mountain View giant's temporary license for Huawei is expected to expire on August 19.

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