Galaxy S10 lost half resale value in the US

Mobile phones in the Samsung Galaxy S10 line have lost up to 53% of their resale value in the United States since the launch in March of this year. The information is from the site BankMyCell, specialized in selling used cell phones. The devaluation was greater than that suffered by the previous line in the same period after the launch: Galaxy S9 had a 41.6% loss.

The three models in the series - S10, S10 + and S10e - had their values ​​decreased by 44.4%, 40% and 53.3%, respectively. There are variations in the numbers according to the specifications of the model, but they are always on the same level. The S10 + is the one with the biggest monetary loss, dropping from $ 1600 to $ 850. The site's projection is that the Galaxy S10 line loses 65% of its value until March 2020.

Worse still in comparison 

When compared to competitors, the decline in the resale value of Samsung's cell phones gets even more sudden. The devaluation of the Galaxy S10 in a month is more than that of the iPhone XS / XR in nine months, as the Apple line lost 42.4% of the resale value since it was launched. 

However, not everything is flowers to the users of the company's apple cell phones. The data also indicate that the iPhone XS is suffering much faster price depreciation that iPhone X . While the first one lost 44.78% of value after nine months of launch, the second had lost 30.9% in the same period.

When older models are compared, Apple's depreciation is still lower than that of the competitor. The Galaxy S9 lost an average of 63.29% of the value after a year of release, while the iPhone X lost 46.8% over the same period

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