For multiple tasks! Netflix Starts Testing Picture-in-Picture Feature in Web Version

It seems that Netflix prepares something new to users. The streaming platform has tested the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature for its web version, intended for browsers. The feature lets you view the content of the service while doing other tasks.

To use the tool, you would need to click the Pop-Out Player button , located on the bottom bar. After activating, a small floating box remains on the screen and overlaps other programs.

At least in this stage of experiments, there would be a negative point not yet implanted. Captions do not go to PIP. That is, this would not be a good idea if the movie or series is in the original audio and you do not understand the language.

Although it has been in the test phase since the beginning of June, there is - so far - no forecast for the streaming service to release the appeal to all users.

Netflix returned to the Engadget contact and sent the image above, which confirms the tests. However, it does not deliver more information about its availability in browsers. It is worth remembering that the platform already provides the feature in iPads since 2016 .

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