Exclusive Xbox fighting game, Bleeding Edge leaks before E3

A few days of E3, the world's largest video game show, a leak revealed that Bleeding Edge will be Ninja Theory's newest game.

The information was released by the site Xboxer this Friday (7). The game will support multiplayer online mode, with PvP matches between eight players that will be split into two teams.

According to the images and video of Bleeding Edge , Ninja Theory has created characters focused on melee combat, but also fighting from a distance. Xboxer also says that each character has a unique look and its own special weapons, such as war axes, katanas and even guitars.

Bleeding Edge will host the battles in arenas of "a dystopian future with bright colors". It is worth mentioning that the title has not yet been officially revealed and the current information is based on the trailer leaked to Xboxer.

Also according to the site in question, an alpha test of Bleeding Edge will be released on June 27 this year. The game is being developed exclusively for Xbox One and PC. The Ninja Theory studio is also responsible for the Hellblade game and was purchased by Microsoft in 2018.

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