End confirmed? Apple erases posts from iTunes social networks

With less than 24 hours to start WWDC 2019 , all of iTunes' social networks have been erased, indicating that the music application that has been in existence for more than 18 years is ending its cycle to give way to a new, more complete program.

Since the beginning of the year there are rumors about the "retirement" of the app , where it would be replaced by another one called 'Music', which will only be focused on what the name itself makes clear the central content, leaving the movies , videos and podcasts from outside, or even relocating to Apple TV +.

End of iTunes? Apple can "break apart" application in MacOS 10.15

With WWDC 2019 approaching , we know that Apple will announce new versions of its platforms, including MacOS 10.15, which should finally put into practice the much-discussed Marzipan Project .

The idea is to simplify the development of apps by providing a unique code that would be compatible with both the Desktop platform and the mobile platform.

On moosve macOS we've seen the arrival of some iOS apps such as Notes, Home, Stock, Recorder and News - and it seems that other iDevices exclusive apps should also be announced for the Macs.

We're talking about Music, Podcasts and Books, which would come to replace the longing iTunes , an app that was advertised as a mere multimedia player but which, over time, was incorporating more and more resources and getting remarkably heavy (especially on older machines ).

The suspicion was reinforced by Steve Troughton-Smith, a well-known developer who has the habit of anticipating news on apple platforms by analyzing operating system codes.

In addition to the apps mentioned above, macOS should also be covered with an Apple TV app - which would make sense, as Apple now has Apple TV Plus, its newly announced video streaming service .

In other words, it may be the end of iTunes as we know it; the question remains: how does content synchronization between Mac and iDevices go on the platform with so many different apps? For This, unfortunately, we will have to wait and see. 

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