E3 2019 | Avengers game will be adventure coop and come next year

Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics finally introduced the " Avengers game " that was already known to be in development. At the company's conference at E3 on Monday (10), were revealed narrative, characters and even release date. Called only from Marvel's Avengers , it arrives on May 15 for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

The company revealed a generous dose of trailers about the title. It will be an action adventure game with a third person character. It will be possible to play with some of the most iconic heroes of the first generation of MCU Avengers : Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor.

The story begins on the so-called A-Day. The heroes are in San Francisco revealing a new energy technology. The idea is that the new plane in the group has a specific type of new way of feeding itself with experimental energy. The problem is that this starts to cause devastation and the group is guilty of it.

The plot then begins five years after that day, when the Avengers are no longer recognized and the Earth fights in devastation. The narrative will be around forgiveness between the characters, self-knowledge and teamwork.

Despite bringing the original characters, the MCU actors do not lend a face to the games. Even so, the heroes of Marvel's Avengers have the voice of great industry bigwigs like Troy Baker ( The Last of Us ) and Nolan North (Uncharted).


The trailer is more focused on cinematic, but you can see a few moments of what appears to be the gameplay of the title. On the famous San Francisco bridge, the Golden Gate, the Avengers need to ride the cars and fight enemies around. You can see scenes of Black Widow and Thor in action with style next to a hack n slash of recent God of War .

The company has already informed that game will have cooperative history mode up to four people and must follow a game as a service system. That is, each season new characters and stories will be added to the title.

Despite the additional content, no new character, narrative and region added to the game will be charged. "We will not have loot boxes, or anything like pay to win," the company said. The game, however, will have customization and may have microtransactions.

The whole plot of Marvel's Avengers is original and will be centered on this event in five years after A-Day.

The development includes Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software, Crystal Northwest, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games.

Despite the release on several consoles, the company has a partnership with Sony and will launch a beta exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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