Document says Mark Zuckerberg knew Facebook's security flaws

A new document shows that Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Facebook , was probably aware of the security flaws facing the company.

According to sources familiar with the company, e-mails obtained by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), a consumer protection agency that addresses anti-competitive practices in the United States, show information that may be damaging to Facebook's reputation.

In a statement, a company spokesman said the social network fully cooperated with the FTC investigation and provided tens of thousands of documents, emails and archives for investigation. "At no time did Mark (Zuckerberg) or any other Facebook employee know that he was violating the company's obligations under the FTC's consent, nor are there any emails that indicate that they knew," he says.

Facebook's problems with the FTC began early last year when the Cambridge Analytica scandal exploded in the media, revealing that more than 87 million users had their data sold to companies.

No details of the document proving the accusation against the executive were disclosed.

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