Do not be scared by the price: Mac Pro was not made for you

The Apple has just presented to the world the new Mac Pro and, despite the unattractive design, there's no denying that he is able. And all this power comes with a price that may seem unattractive to most consumers. However it is important to know that the target audience here is very specific and this is key to understanding the final value of Mac Pro.

With a starting price of $ 12,000 ($ 46,500), the product must meet companies or professionals who are looking for high performance for work with video editing or photos, for example. In that sense, it would not be correct to compare with desktops, simpler, for everyday use or even for simpler video work. After all, no youtuber would need to work with 3 videos in 8k simultaneously.

Good for those who enjoy (and need)

With this demand in mind, Apple's product comes as an interesting cost-effective option. This is because other similar workstations can be found by the above values. The most powerful version of the Mac Pro would be around $ 45,000, while the Dell Precision 7920, if fitted with a similar configuration, could cost $ 74,000.

Because they have been developed for a very specific niche, these machines scare the final price. But when you look at the segment they serve, it's easy to understand that Apple was not just overvaluing their Mac Pro. The difference is that other companies do not have the habit of giving so much prominence to the launch of their professional products. 

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