Bill Gates admits that his mistake was to have left Microsoft out of the smartphone market

We all know that Microsoft well tried , but failed to succeed in the smartphone market. The Redmond giant was one of the first companies to bet on the mobile genre, but ended up losing focus with the launch and consolidation of Android.

To make matters worse, the release of several versions of Windows Mobile ended up driving away the few users of the platform. Not to mention that the consolidation of Android and iOS left the Redmond giant's system without popular applications .

Now, in an interview published by The Verge, Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted his "biggest mistake" during the time he ran the company:

In the world of software, particularly for platforms, these are markets that define the winner. So the biggest mistake of all is the mistake I made that made Microsoft not what Android is today, [...] Android is the elemental platform for phones that is not Apple or Microsoft. This was to have been a natural thing for Microsoft to win. It's really a case where the winner takes it all. If you have half the number of applications or 90% of many applications, you are on the right track to complete the disgrace. Is there room for exactly one non-Apple operating system and how much is this worth? Some $ 400 billion would be transferred from company G [Google] to company M [Microsoft]. 

Although Gates left the CEO position in 2000, Microsoft's co-founder continued as president and chief software officer of the company. During this period, Steve Ballmer controlled the giant of Redmond and, many times, he is cited as "the great culprit" for the failure of the company in the mobile market.

So we can say that this confession of Gates is something surprising and takes a huge weight from the Ballmer administration. In any case, nothing wipes out how the former Microsoft CEO handled the iPhone:

the most expensive phone in the world and does not attract corporate customers because it does not have a keyboard

By underestimating the power of the iPhone, Microsoft eventually lost the "tram" of the smartphone market and this has opened up a loophole for the consolidation of Android as an alternative to iOS. Not long after, the company eventually realized its error, but it was too late and Windows Phone 7, 8 and 10 Mobile failed.

Xbox Scarlett "will bring better gaming experience" according to Microsoft
Xbox Scarlett "will bring better gaming experience" according to Microsoft 0
Android 12 Jun Focus of the company may not be very into exclusive.

Gates also said that if he had not made a mistake in the mobile market, Microsoft would today be the largest technology company in the world:

It is incredible for me to have made one of the biggest mistakes of all time ... our other assets, like Windows and Office, are still very strong, so we ended up surviving. But if we had agreed, we would be the lead company, but that's okay. 


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