Avengers: Ultimatum to be re-released with unseen footage to hit Avatar

Disney is really willing to put Avengers: Ultimatum as the highest grossing film in history (disregarding inflation). He is very little to beat Avatar , but the heroes led by Tony Stark have already lost their breath in April.

So the film is expected to be relaunched very soon.

This is Kevin Feige, director of Marvel Studios. According to him news on the subject should appear next weekend, and it is not known whether the relaunch will be globally or only in the US; Taking into account that only there the fourth episode of that saga made almost $ 1 billion, local re-writing could already be enough.

Ultimatum has $ 2.50 billion in worldwide box office, and Avatar - Fox - $ 2.78 billion. As Rupert Murdoch's company was bought by Mickey Mouse, Disney could claim that it owns the highest grossing Film, but it seems to be a personal challenge to put Marvel at the top of the podium.

Regarding the extra content, Feige does not reveal how many previously unreleased scenes would be, but says there would be a post-credit scene with "a tribute." It just did not reveal to who this homage would be.

It is worth remembering, if we correct the values ​​of films of the past to current values ​​- due to inflation - Avengers: Ultimato does not come close to occupying the top of the films with higher collection.

The gold medal would be for E Vento Levou, from 1939, whose revenue corrected for 2019 would make a fantastic $ 7.4 billion.


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