Apple will continue to support iTunes on Windows

Apple has announced a number of new features in WWDC 2019 , making it easy for users to make changes to different media types, as the company has decided to discontinue the iTunes application for its major devices. Meanwhile, the Cupertino giant said that support for the Windows version will continue to be done for now, which may be a nice information for those who enjoy using the app on the Microsoft system.

A few months ago the first rumors about the discontinuity of the program with more than 18 years of existence appeared on all Apple platforms. To keep users with access to features that are already accustomed, Apple has split the app into 3 , keeping content more organized and each program focused on a specific area: music, TV and podcasts.

Although the novelty is very interesting, Apple said that the Windows version will not be broken down into 3 like the devices of the brand, so it will maintain support for those who use the active Microsoft system, something that may be interesting for those who were already feeling nostalgic with the end of the app.

It is worth remembering that this information is beneficial for those who use the app on iPhone and iPad synchronized with Windows. ITunes is still available for download on both the official Apple website and the Microsoft Store.

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