Android smartphone now can be iOS device authentication key

The Google announced on Wednesday (12) a security news to those who use the two main ecosystems of mobile devices in the market. From now on, smartphones with Android can be used as an additional physical security key to authenticate the login on devices with iOS.

This 2-Step Verification (2SV) technology can now be used to enter your account on iPhones and iPads. Previously, it was already serving Google services - such as Gmail or Google Drive - and Google Cloud, as well as ChromeOS OS , macOS and Windows 10 via Bluetooth.

More security for you 

The operation is very simple: the iOS device makes the request to login to the server, which sends the confirmation request to the Android device registered.

There, the Smart Lock application is used to guarantee identity, log in there and "send" via Bluetooth the authentication key for Apple tablet or smartphone. On other systems, the Google Chrome browser is used.

The verification device must have the Android 7.0 ( Nougat ) operating system or higher. The feature should be available to all users starting this week, and Google provides a comprehensive guide to how to create and use the integrated security key in this help topic.

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