Almost MacBook? New iPadOS will support mouse as accessibility feature

Introduced on Monday (3) , during WWDC 2019 , Apple's new operating system for iPads will rely on mouse support. The function would be included as an accessibility feature within the platform.

Compatibility on iPadOS was discovered by Irish developer Steve Troughton-Smith - famous for consulting the internal codes of "Apple". He even posted a video on his Twitter account to show the feature. Watch the following:

Instead of the traditional mouse cursor, Apple's tablet operating system would show a dark circle on the screen, which is controllable with the accessory. However, the novelty would work only with a cable-connected mouse - that is, it is possible to discard the use of Bluetooth models.

Mouse support can also be checked in the settings of the iPadOS operating system. To do this, simply go to the following path: Settings> General> Accessibility.

The trend is that Apple does not widely publicize the feature, as it did not even announce the support during its presentation in the event aimed at developers. Also worth mentioning is that the platform is still in beta. That is, changes may occur until the final edition is available.

What do you think about the possibility of using a mouse on the iPad? Share your opinion with us in the space below! 


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