64GB is abandoned! New iPhone is expected to start from 128GB storage

How much storage is enough for the mobile phone? In recent years, mobile phone memory has been turned from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB to 128GB standard, and even the hammer R1 mobile phone also supports 1TB storage, which is enough to see the larger and larger body storage is a major trend in future mobile phones.

In fact, 128GB is the standard configuration of most mainstream mobile phones. As the demand of users continues to increase, mobile phones with 64G memory are gradually abandoned.

According to GSMArena, the 2019 iPhone may be equipped with 128GB of starting memory, and 64GB will be a history, including the cost-effective iPhone 11R . At present, the top version of the 2018 iPhone is equipped with up to 512GB of memory. Does the increase in the base storage mean that the top version of the iPhone 11 will have 1TB of storage space?

In fact, in the 2018 iPhone, the iPhone XS started with 64GB of RAM, and even did not have a 128GB option, but jumped directly to 256GB. It's not hard to see Apple's careful machine. After all, 64GB of memory is really not enough, but 256GB is obviously more than enough. Therefore, many users have chosen the relatively high-priced 256G version, which is a bit uneconomical and unnecessary. In this way, using the difference in the iPhone storage version to earn the biggest difference, this should be considered "ingenious means" during Cook's tenure.

What is the storage space of your mobile phone for your personal use, do you think it is enough? Your Comment is Welcomed

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