"Zen mode" new to "OnePlus 7 Pro" will be implemented on "OnePlus 6 / 6T" 😥 "Nightscape 2.0" will not be implemented

OnePlus has announced the new smartphone "OnePlus 7 Pro" and "OnePlus 7" the other day. The flashy features such as the all-new "Fluid AMOLED" display and pop-up camera tend to attract much attention, but the software also has various new functions.

The "OnePlus 7" series is equipped with "OxygenOS" based on "Android 9.0 Pie" which is the same as "OnePlus 6T", but the version is different. "OnePlus7 Pro" is equipped with "OxygenOS 9.5", which has various new features.

There are various features, but the feature is "Zen Mode", the new game mode "Fnatic Mode", and "Nightscape 2.0" as a new feature of the camera implemented in "OnePlus 7" and "OnePlus 7 Pro" There is. "Nightscape 2.0" it is an improvement on the "Nightscape" function implemented in "OnePlus 6T", and is a mode optimized for shooting in a dark place.

According to the latest information revealed by OnePlus, some of these features will also be implemented in "OnePlus 6" and "OnePlus 6T".

"Zen mode" implemented in "OnePlus 7" series is a mode aimed at getting rid of smartphone poisoning and enjoying the real world. If this function is enabled, the smartphone will lock completely for 20 minutes Before done. You can receive an incoming call, use an emergency call, or use camera functions, but all other functions will be locked. There are other details, but be careful if this feature is ready to be used once it is enabled, as it can not be turned off after a while.

It is said that "Zen mode" which is likely to be required in the modern society will be implemented in "OnePlus 6 / 6T" .

However, the mode "Nightscape 2.0" which optimized photography in the dark place is unfortunately not implemented in "OnePlus 6 / 6T" . This seems to be because the 48MP sensor of the rear camera that is equipped with "OnePlus 7/7 Pro" is a major factor for implementing "Nightscape 2.0". Therefore, it seems difficult to implement "Nightscape 2.0" on "OnePlus 6 / 6T" in hardware.

Also, a new function implemented from "Oxygen OS 9.5" has a screen recording (screen recorder) function, but it is unclear at this point because it has not answered whether it will be implemented in the past model. However, there is a possibility that it will be implemented as it seems to be a software function and not hardware dependent.

Source: Xda , Android Authority

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