Young hacker invaded Apple's system: thought that Apple at the end of the day could offer him a job because of his abilities

In August of last year we reported that a young Australian hacker invaded Apple's servers and was able to access about 1TB of data from the Cupertino company's internal network, including customer records and confidential files from the brand's services.

The young man - at the time 16 years old - faced two charges related to these attacks, but eventually escaped from bars because the judge ordered eight months probation.

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In that same period, we still report that Australian authorities were investigating other people's involvement in these attacks, taking into account that everything directed to the participation of a second hacker: and that is exactly what happened.

According to ABC News , the second hacker at the time was only 13, pleading guilty to several counts of hacking into Apple's servers. Utilizing its high level of expertise and information technology skills to create fake credentials and fingerprints, Apple's team came to believe that it was an employee of the company.

Just as in the first case, his lawyer claimed that the teenager had no idea of ​​the gravity of the situation and thought that Apple at the end of the day could offer him a job because of his abilities .

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In this circumstance, the lawyer asked him to be spared a conviction because he planned to study digital security and criminology at the university, and a criminal record could affect his job opportunities in the future.

Judge David White then decided not to convict the boy, granting a nine-month probation on the grounds that the teen was " extremely talented " and had a good reputation in his school and that, since the invasion, used his technological knowledge in noble causes.


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