Xbox Game Pass officially arrives at Windows 10 with the availability of more than 100 games

Microsoft's Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, made a surprise announcement today, revealing that the subscription service for access to a game library, the so-called Xbox Game Pass , will be available for Windows 10. As well as the Xbox version , made official by the company two years ago, are more than 100 games for subscribers, which will be constantly updated.

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Some games that have the Xbox Play Anywhere feature can already be played on Windows 10 by Game Pass subscribers, but this new follow-up is dedicated to PC gaming.

The company said it is working with more than 75 publishers and developers to bring the games to the new platform, including names like Bethesda, Silver Deep, Devolver Digital, Paradox Interactive and SEGA.

In addition, it has been confirmed that Win32 games will be made available through the Microsoft Store in Windows. Phil Spencer says, "We recognize that Win32 is the application format that game developers love to play, and gamers love to play. This will open up more options for developers and players, enabling the customization and control they expect from the open-gaming ecosystem of Windows."

Another point that has been revealed is that some PC games from Xbox Game Studio will be offered through other PC stores as well as the Microsoft Store. Gear of War 5 and "Age of Empires I, II and III: Definitive Editions" must also be released on Steam.

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There is no other clear information about the service. Prices and release date were not disclosed. To do so, you'll need to follow the Xbox Briefing that will happen during E3 on June 9.


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