"Threats": Facebook is said to have blackmailed EU fake news experts

Have representatives of Facebock threatened members of an EU working group against false reports and tried to blackmail them? This reports Buzzfeed News Germany, citing statements by senior members of the fake news expert group. There is talk of "oral threats" and "blackmail".

Classic threatening gestures should prevent stricter regulations

Disinformation, such as that disseminated in the form of fake news, is also a major problem for political systems, as it can have a major impact on opinion formation. The EU is trying to use a group of experts against disinformation to develop means to counter the spread of false reports and co. On the internet. As Buzzfeed News reports, Facebook representatives are said to have been trying to influence the results of the working group with unfair means.

As Buzzfeed points out, four experts from the EU working group are making serious allegations against the group. According to this, representatives of the Facebook group had made verbal threats in the course of the negotiations - this was done in order to prevent the experts from drawing up tougher measures against disinformation in the network. Monique Goyens, chairwoman of the European Consumers' Association and member of the working group, clearly states her allegation: "We have been blackmailed," Goyens said. Among other things, the group threatened to cease all projects negotiated with the EU. Facebook did not want to comment on Buzzfeed on these serious allegations.

Review unwanted

The working group against disinformation consists of 39 experts, Facebook, Google and Twitter are also represented here with their own negotiators. According to Buzzfeed, at least 10 people in the group would have information that they had received money from the platforms they were supposed to check. The report suggests that Facebook had put pressure on its members to prevent future competition policy instruments from being used to hold corporations accountable for disseminating disinformation.

The allegation, the experts of the group raise: Facebook earned with misinformation money, so have an interest in the fact that in the EU, no concrete measures against their dissemination are decided. As Goyens points out, attempts have been made to address these economic issues within the group, "but we have been stopped". "The whole thing stinks to the sky," said Goyens.

Source: Buzzfeed

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