The film critic opened the killing ring, "Thrilling John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)"

John Wick movie

"John Wick Chapter 3" continued the previous episode. Keanu Liwei was expelled from the gang for committing the rules. He was rewarded with a high bonus. Everyone came to chase him for the bonus. No one can help him. Otherwise, He will also be punished, and he decided to find the highest level to find a way to save.

The sequel of the original team shooting still maintains the whole series of styles. The story is simple and clear. At this time, the collection of Holly Berry has been asked to help him find someone. Whether he is willing to help him to become the biggest suspense of this movie. In this third episode, there is still a consistent element, that is, killing and killing, there are some interesting points in the play, such as helping people who are looking for sin, and nothing to hurt themselves, otherwise it is Being punished by the gang is a kind of black humor, and the loyalty between the gangs is also quite interesting, like the concept of going out.

The film has been smashed from the beginning, and the opening encounters the enemy when the library Keanu Liwei is looking for a book. The thick book can also be a killing tool. In the room like a sword, he meets many mice, Keanu. Li Wei and his opponents used the swords beside them to cut them. This may be the most disgusting part of the whole, beheading, chopping, slashing, glaring, or breaking into the stables, using horse weapons, riding horses. To deal with the bad guys riding heavy machines, the action design has some ingenuity.

The guest part of Holly Berry is more than a female help. The highlight is probably that two fierce dogs are the best assistants. Don’t bully the dogs casually, otherwise the master will open the killing ring and the film will be opened again. A joke, the biggest villain of this film is to find the even-off juniors played by Mark Decos, the two are also very enjoyable to fight, Mark Decos can debut for many years, although it has never been a big name, It’s not easy to be able to play this age. He and Kenu Liwei are actually the same year. Keanu Liwei is still playing very cool and playing very tired. You can see that this movie has a sequel. I believe he is still willing to continue to perform.

"John Wick Chapter 3" continues the style of the previous episode, crazy killing, gunling rain, flames, almost no chance to stop, video, martial arts guidance has a certain level, become a strong style of this series, like this series The third episode of yours is your dish, waiting for the arrival of the fourth episode.

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