Summary of bugs reported in "Android Q" DP version for "OnePlus 6 / 6T / 7 / 7Pro"

Google held "Google I/O 2019", and the latest beta version of its latest OS "Android Q" for smartphones was released for many smartphones at the same event.

This includes "OnePlus 6T", but OnePlus is currently releasing the Developer Preview (DP) version of "Android Q" for "OnePlus 6" and "OnePlus 6T" on the OnePlus forum.

According to OnePlus, the "Android Q" DP version will be available soon for the "OnePlus 7" series, which will be released on May 14.

Google's "Android Q" is currently in beta and is not a stable software. As a result, it is reported by OnePlus and users who have already introduced many defects or functions even in the DP version released by OnePlus, so I would like to briefly summarize the currently reported defects.

If you are thinking of introducing "OnePlus 6", "OnePlus 6T", and the DP version (1) of "Android Q" in the "OnePlus 7" series in the future, it would be nice if it would be helpful.

The following is the one reported on the DP version of "Android Q" released as of May 9th, and it is likely that these will be fixed by future updates.

The known issues that OnePlus has raised on the forum are:

  • Camera portrait mode does not work

  • Ambient display does not work

  • System stability issues (not stable / crash etc)

  • Encryption will change in next preview build

  • Some applications may not function as expected in this DP version

  • Problem with MTP unable to copy rollback from PC to smartphone 

The following is a list of bugs reported on the forum by users who have already introduced the "Android Q" DP version in "OnePlus 6 / 6T".

•There are a lot of bugs (Original: Buggy)

•Slow (stability and optimization issues)

•There are many crashes

•Insufficient function

•Home button does not respond

•Wi-Fi is unstable

•I can not trust SIM signals

•Not featured gesture of "Android Q" (conventional 3 button navigation only)

•Weak Android that does not seem OxygenOS

•The icon in the status bar is zoomed and does not display correctly when you change settings

•Dark themes are implemented but can usually be confused with color

•Report that quick charge is not working

Source: OnePlus

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