Study reveals Facebook Interactions Are Decreasing More and More

A survey released by eMarketer revealed that Facebook users are spending less and less time on the social network and, consequently, decreasing the number of interactions with each other.

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By 2018, Facebook's usage time in the United States had dropped three minutes, staying for about 38 minutes a day on the social network. For comparison, that number was 41 minutes in 2017, and eMarketer believes that this time can be up to 37 minutes in 2020.

Elements for interaction

For eMarketer analyst Debora Aho Williamsom, one of the main reasons for this is the lack of attractive content for the younger audience, as well as the changes made to the news feed and some other details.

Although the three-minute decrease in social networking time is not so alarming, Mark Zuckerberg's company will surely need to think of more ways to keep the public connected and engaged, given the many new features appearing on competing networks from time to time (just look at the graph above to repair the growth of Instagram, for example).

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And you, have you used Facebook normally? How much time do you spend on the social network on average? Share your opinion with other Android and Health readers using the comments box.


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