Samsung Galaxy S10 Crashed after the new OTA update

Owners of series handsets Galaxy S10 , the Samsung , are reporting a number of problems after receiving a new update software . The update (XXU1ASE5) has brought a number of improvements to the device's camera and also the Google security package for May 2019.

The most common problems seem to be third-party apps crashes. The most affected would be Twitter , New Launcher and some others. Since the microblogging has not received any updates in recent days through the Play Store , the chances that the Samsung update has generated conflicts on users' phones are high.

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Apart from these crashes, users also report that the entire system of the new Galaxy S10 is getting frozen at one time or another. The screen is completely irresponsible, but the power button can bring the shutdown menu and reboot. The case is that, to turn off or restart the phone, you need to interact with this menu via the screen.

Despite these freezes, the cell phone eventually restarts on its own, coming back online. However, users need to expect this to happen naturally, without being able to do anything for a few minutes.

Fingerprint reader becomes inoperative at times or simply loses its functionality 

There are still problems being reported with the fingerprint reader, which is inoperative at times or simply completely missing its functionality. There is also a security problem: when the screen is locked by the power button or turns off by itself, it is not always blocked. That is, it is possible to re-use the mobile phone without any type of password or biometrics.

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There are no indications that all these problems are happening at the same time with the devices of affected users. It seems that people are being hit by one or another bug. However, there does not seem to be a definite solution known (restoring to factory defaults does not solve the problem), and Samsung has yet to pronounce on the flaw.

We also do not know if the company has already interrupted the distribution of the update over the internet. In any case, if you receive an update, it is good to check the update code on your Galaxy S10, S10e or S10 + before installing any such package. If it is identified as "XXU1ASE5", skip and leave to install when Samsung resolves the situation.

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