Rumor | Galaxy Fold Launch Should Be Postponed Again

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The year of the folding screen smartphones does not go very well, Samsung would say so. According to anonymous sources heard by the Korea Herald, the Galaxy Fold , which is expected to arrive after June, should be revised to "undetermined". Although Samsung plans to launch next month, the exact date should be communicated "in the coming weeks."

According to sources, which the newspaper does not name, but claims to be representatives of the telecommunication industry with traffic within Samsung , the South Korean manufacturer is taking longer than expected to implement repairs and test new physical functions to remedy the In April, analysis units sent to the press showed flaws in the folding of the screen , precisely the biggest attraction of the device, in addition to latches and marks that became evident without apparent use.

New versions of Galaxy Fold, with the fixes in place, have not yet appeared publicly, but representatives of the telecommunications market have often had early access to this type of device to test their functionality with carriers. These people are indicating a possible review at launch.

Samsung, contrary to its policy of not engaging rumors, commented on the case, denying any extension in the launch period, but without informing it expressly: "The process of improvement has been conducted in the most extreme confidentiality, and comments from sources telecom industry can not be confirmed."

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For now, "June" is still the expectation for the arrival of the smartphone to the public, but we are still waiting for a definition from Samsung.


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