Report: Google has revoked Huawei's Android license

In the affair of the alleged espionage on behalf of the Chinese government by the telecommunications giant Huawei, it is now really thick for the company. As the news agency Reuters reports, Google Huawei is said to have withdrawn the license to use Android in the version distributed by the Internet company.

As the news agency Reutersciting sources that are to be familiar with the situation, Google has tentatively stated its relationship with Huawei regarding the "transfer of hardware and software products, other than those covered by open source licenses." put on hold. Allegedly Huawei now has no access to updates for the Android operating system. That would mean that all previously sold Huawei smartphones with Android no longer receive security updates.

No Google apps anymore

At the same time, the opportunity for the Chinese group to pre-install Google's widespread and widely used standard apps for future smartphones will disappear in the usual way. This affects both the Google Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps, as well as all other official Google apps used by billions of people around the world on their Android devices. 

Huawei still retains the option to use Android in the version from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for its smartphones. This is under an open-source license and can thus be freely used by anyone to use on their devices. However, the company loses all technical support from Google and can allegedly no longer cooperate with the Internet company in the usual way.

It's completely unclear how things should continue

According to the agency, the details of this decision are currently being discussed internally at Google and Huawei. Google should focus on which services are affected in what form, according to the sources of the report. For its part, Huawei's Legal Department is examining the implications of the recent US Department of Commerce regulations for the company. The company has not commented yet. 

The background to Google's drastic decision to discontinue its dealings with Huawei with immediate effect is apparently the emergency declared by the US government under President Trumpfor alleged threat to national security of the United States. Huawei is now on the "black list" of the US government, which prohibits US companies to do any business with Huawei. 

Massive impact for Huawei and all customers

If Google does in fact terminate the license agreement for Android smartphones and its other operating system contracts and the use of standard apps over Huawei, this will have serious consequences. Basically, Huawei has the status of a custom ROM provider when it comes to accessing the Android code. 

Google usually ignores the legal gray area on custom ROMs, where their providers distribute the official Google apps to have them separately installed by their users. In the case of Huawei, the company should not be able to tolerate a separate distribution of the GApps by Huawei, simply because of pressure from the US government. 

For Huawei, eliminating access to Google apps would not be the only serious consequence. In the future, the company will no longer be able to access the code of new security updates for Android, just like other manufacturers, one month before delivery in order to prepare it for delivery on its smartphones. In addition, Huawei would also no longer have the opportunity to get the code from upcoming official Android issues in advance. 

One of the main consequences, however, is that Google may not give the Chinese manufacturer any official access to the "Play Services" anymore. These are basic requirements for the function of a huge number of apps, which simply will not run as before. On top of that, it is questionable how Huawei already supplied devices to supply at all with new Android versions, finally, one would also not have the opportunity to get the corresponding updates certified by Google. 


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