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Redmi 855 flagship is about to release Lu Weibing , also came with few official leaks

On May 8th, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, unveiled some details of the flagship of Redmi. Lu Weibing evaluated the Redmi flagship screen: awesome.

It is reported that the Redmi flagship adopts a full screen without bangs, no digging, no water drops, and its screen resolution is 2340×1080. The material OLED supports screen fingerprint recognition , and the screen size is still unknown.

In order to realize the visual effect of the front almost all screen, the front camera is cleverly hidden on the top of the fuselage. This is the first full-screen flagship of the Redmi adopting the lifting scheme.
In the core configuration, the Redmi flagship is equipped with Qualcomm Jilong 855 flagship platform, and the rear may be Sony’s 48 million super wide-angle three-shot (reported to be Sony’s 48 million main camera + 8 million telephoto + 13 million super wide-angle), battery capacity is expected Not less than 4000mAh.

In addition, Lu Weibing confirmed that the Redmi flagship will retain 3.5mm headphone jacks and is equipped with full-featured NFC.
Lu Weibing stressed that the king of cost performance is not a Redmi. The official release date has not yet been announced, and it is likely to be officially unveiled this month.

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