Record: Seagate ships the world's first 16TB mechanical hard drive with Nine Discs

The mechanical hard disk market continues to shrink significantly, and the new technology advancement of Seagate and Western Digital's two giants is also extremely difficult. Three months ago, Seagate promised to mass-produce HAMR (Hot-Assisted Magnetic Recording) hard drives in the first half of this year , starting at 16TB.

According to Seagate's latest statement, as the world's first 16TB mechanical hard drive, the new Exos X16 has been shipped at the end of March, but not the HAMR, but the traditional PMR (Vertical Magnetic Recording), supplemented by TDMR (two Dimensional magnetic record).

This standard 3.5-inch hard drive not only uses the encapsulation technology, but also internally plugged nine discs for the first time. The previous limit was eight discs.

Don't just look at adding a disc, the difficulty is actually quite large, even before no one thinks it can be achieved. After all, this requires a thinner disc and support structure, and the entire hard drive interior is redesigned.

But this also reflects the fact that the traditional PMR technology has reached the limit: the eight-disc 14TB single-disc capacity is 1.75TB, and the nine-disc 16TB single-disc capacity is only 1.78TB, almost unchanged, or even no change at all. Just added some license capacity.

Seagate said that the Exos X16 16TB hard drive is currently being certified by a large number of cloud customers and corporate customers, and will be mass-produced later this year, and will become the highest-income single model at this time next year.

In addition, Seagate is still preparing 18TB hard drive, but it is still not HAMR, but SMR (stacked magnetic recording), the specification is still 3.5 inches.

So, what happened to Seagate’s promotion of HAMR for many years? According to the latest roadmap, Seagate will not be able to mass-produce HARM hard drives until next year, with a capacity of 20TB or higher, but there is no explanation why it is delayed.

It seems that the situation of HARM is not very good, either the new head, the new medium, the new disc still can't reach the expected reliable level, or the yield is not going up, the cost can't come.

In addition, Seagate is actively preparing for MAT (Multi-Reader and Arm) technology . The first generation of products has dual read/write arms and eight-disc, starting at 14TB. It was said to be launched later this year, and it can exceed 40TB in 2023, but Seagate did not give any progress updates.

credit: mydrivers


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