PC version "PUBG" latest update # 29-Vikendi's major adjustment, implementation of tactical marker, etc.

The contents of the new update # 29 are currently released on the live server in the PC version "PUBG".

The new update # 29 includes a number of tweaks and fixes, as well as a "tactical marker" implementation that makes team play more convenient and a large vance adjustment for the snow map "Vikendi".

About the change point of update # 29 for PC version "PUBG"


Having made a primary balance adjustment on the appearance of Vikendi's items in January this year, we have been discussing how to make Vikendi more attractive to players. And we did some tests to provide features and unique content only for "Vikendi", and based on the results of the tests, we decided to carry out a second-order balance adjustment for "Vikendi".

 Adjustment for the blue zone
In order to provide a variety of gameplay experiences, we adjusted the first Blue Zone safety zone of "Vikendi" to be displayed in more areas, and reduced the time for certain phases of the Blue Zone.  

Phase 1 safety zones have emerged in more places.

The wait time for the initial and final phases of the Blue Zone to be reduced has been reduced, and the overall match time has been reduced by 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Adjustment for the appearance rate of vehicles
We reduced the proportion of motorcycles on the map and increased the emergence rate of four-wheeled vehicles to accommodate more players according to the characteristic landscape of "Vikendi".

In order to facilitate the setting of the new blue zone, we changed the appearance rate of vehicles.

Adjustment for item appearance rate
In order to activate medium- and long-range battles and to prepare for these adjustments, we adjusted the rate of emergence of the weapons to ensure "Vikendi" concept and balance. Also, in addition to adjusting the appearance rate of certain weapons, we have made some adjustments to the attachment to support gameplay in general. 

Starting with SR, I adjusted the emergence rate of major weapons.

The incidence rate of AR increased by 35% (approximately 1.4 times)

The emergence rate of DMR increased by 98% (approximately 2 times)

The occurrence rate of SR increased by 588% (about 7 times)

The appearance rate of SMG, shotguns, handguns and crossbows has been reduced slightly.

The appearance rate of attachments has been increased slightly.

Increased the appearance rate of high magnification scopes.

Balance adjustment for the secret cave
In order to make the game play more comfortable considering the impact on the game, we adjusted the supplies in the caves by balancing the other areas of Vikendi with the supplies. 

Supplies will no longer appear in the cave.
Instead, the types of items that normally appear have increased.

Firearms, add and remove items
Added MK47 Mutant, Half Grip, Thumb Grip and Laser Site to "Vikendi".
Removed Win94 and R45 from "Vikendi".
Adjust the weather probability
The probability of moonlight mode has increased. 


Fixed an issue where anchorage was able to penetrate the wire fence 

Tactical map marker 

Six new tactical map markers have been added to various situations (attack, danger, defense, search, regroup, vehicles) to support smooth communication between teammates. 

To use a marker on the world map, open the map, right-click and hold, display the tactical map marker wheel, move to the desired icon and release the long press.

Each player can place only one marker at a time.

Standard map markers can be installed with a single right click on the map, just like existing ones.

Tactical map markers are displayed on the world map, mini map and compass as well as existing map markers. 

Improving the Crosshairs of Throwing Goods 

When using throws, added a new crosshair that makes it easy to identify top or bottom throws. 

Minimap improvements 

Icons and status are now displayed at the end of the minimap for teammates outside the minimap that are close to the player. This makes it easy to check the direction of the teammate and the status of the teammate.  

Improvement about parachute UI 

By dividing the parachute drop altitude and velocity UI into two gauges and locating the necessary information at the center of the screen, it has been made easier to understand.

Improvement on teammate status UI

An icon has been added to indicate that teammates are descending from the plane.

The status icon of a teammate in parachute, which was previously only shown on the map, is now displayed in the lower left of the screen along with the other teammate's UI.

Improving the flare gun UI 

To make it easier to summon supplies and armored vehicles UAZ with a flare gun, we changed the flare gun's cross hair to be circled when trying to fire the flare gun at the right place.

Adjusted the flare gun status UI that appears after summoning supplies or armored vehicles UAZ.

In the past, a green blinking light was displayed for 30 seconds after dropping, but the green blinking light disappears when the drop item leaves the plane. 

Custom match 

Added the equipment kit option to the custom match.

Added the option to select the equipment kit of your choice, using the equipment kit randomly given at custom match.
Added the equipment kit selection option to "War Mode", "War Mode: Conquest" and regular custom matches.
The option to play each platoon with different kits has been added to the mode of playing on a platoon basis.

Equipment kit selection options
War Mode, War Mode: Conquest
Existing kit
AR, Shotgun, SMG, Western, Overpower, Handgun

Newly added kit
War Mode Kit : There are 4 kits per concept.
Assault : M4, R1895, Lv1 Vest & Helmet, Ammunition, Bandage
Medic : UMP, Sword Off, Lv3 Vest & Helmet, Ammunition, First Aid Kit, Medical Kit, Analgesic, Adrenaline Injection, First Aid Hemostasis Kit
Support : S12k, Skorpion, Lv2 Vest & Helmet, Ammo, Grenade, Bandage, Vehicle Repair Kit
Scouts : Kar98K, P18C, Lv1 vests & helmets, gilly suits, ammunition, bandages

Battle royal
Existing kit
Handgun, shotgun

Newly added kit
Utility Kit: There are four kits that support early gameplay. 
Battle kit : Crossbow
Survival kit : adrenaline injection, frying pan
Armor Kit : Lv1 Best & Helmet
Support kit : Emergency hemostasis kit, vehicle repair kit 

Custom Match Equipment Kit Item 

In addition to the equipment kit, we have added new custom match limited support items, an emergency hemostasis kit and a vehicle repair kit.

Emergency Hemostatic Kit: Use this item to resuscitate teammates faster than normal resuscitation when teammates go down during battle.

Vehicle Repair Kit: You can use the item to repair a less durable vehicle. 

Added Camp Jackal to "War Mode: Conquest"  

For custom match, you can now select "Camp Jackal" (TRAINING mode map) in "War Mode Conquest" mode. 

Improvement of watching function 

Improvement about player list UI
The ban and report button has been changed to an icon.

The X icon can be used to expel and the alert icon can be used to report players. 

The report button can be checked from the player list when playing back a match replay.

Improvement about damage UI 

UI / UX 

Improvement about shop preview UI 

When previewing set items, previews can now be viewed in three categories: Character, Weapon, and Parachute.

You can select specific items and see the zoomed image and details of the characters, weapons and parachute.

You can now equip and disarm all currently selected items in the set item preview. 

UI improvements to prevent abuse in spectator mode 

At the time of watching a teammate, if loading of the map (world) was not completed, the player was able to identify the enemy player who was behind the building, and was able to teach the teammate the location of the enemy player. Added a UI to prevent the screen from being displayed until loading is complete. 

Improvement about lobby UI 

Improved the appearance of some of the icons that appeared blurry at 4K resolution more clearly.

I removed the third party account link button in the upper right of the lobby.


Removed all FACEIT Global Summit signs and flags for "Vikendi" and "Sanhok".  

Replay function

We have updated the Replay feature version. You will not be able to play replays recorded before this update.

Bug fixes


Fixed an issue that caused items to be generated in inaccessible locations in the "Sanhok" Docks area.

Fixed an issue that could cause the inside of the building to be seen when approaching a wall at a specific location in the "Sanhok" Paradise Resort area.

Fixed an issue where grenades could be used by passing parasols in the "Sanhok" Paradise Resort area.

Fixed an issue with lighting effects changing in "Sanhok" round roof buildings.
Fixed an issue that could not occur if crawling under a wooden bridge in the "Sanhok" Cave area.


Fixed an issue that caused the screen to shake when shooting with the end of the wall or object behind.

Fixed an issue where game mode was changed intermittently when creating a team.

In certain circumstances, fixed an issue where some bullets penetrate the wall when fired. 

Fixed an issue where the player list was not displayed properly when selecting a custom match in the Replay List.

Fixed an issue where some vehicles slipped more than expected while driving.

Fixed an issue where the white zone UI was not displayed on certain maps.

Fixed an issue where clicking on a blank area in the lobby patch note would cause the patch note popup screen to close.

Fixed an issue that could not use recovery items when playing emote animation while equipping weapons.

Fixed an issue that could be used with various weapons in the rear seat of Aquarail.

Fixed an issue that caused the sound to be played twice when the handgun was put in and out.

Fixed an issue where opening the inventory with the throwing weapon pin out reset to the animation before the pin pulling out.

Fixed an issue where the parachute skin logo from chocoTaco is not displayed when worn by female characters.

Fixed the problem that the screen stopped for 2 to 3 seconds and the result was displayed on the Esports mode observer screen of custom match.

Fixed the problem that the loading screen UI is not displayed when the viewpoint is changed to an object whose distance is over 1km in the watching viewpoint.

Fixed an issue where it was not possible to select a tactical map marker while watching a team after death.

Fixed an issue that caused character animation to be displayed abnormally when reloading in a stun state received from a stun grenade.

Fixed an issue where there was no difference in priority due to distance when team members suffered from team members outside minimaps.

Fixed the problem that the screen stopped for a certain period of time when the result screen is output after the match in the observer view in Esports mode.

Fixed the problem that the marker can not be displayed on the lower boost icon UI with the map displayed.

Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when trying to replace from inventory with the throwing weapon pin out.
Fixed an issue where the system menu would move continuously when the vehicle was running and dropped.

Fixed the problem of not using Adrenaline and First Aid Box sounds in the R-15 version. (KR)
Fixed an issue where male specific hair was different from image.

Fixed an issue where an additional charm was generated around the firearm when attaching and removing the charm on the firearm.

Fixed an issue where the smoke grenade timer UI did not fit when adjusting the timeline in replay.

Fixed an issue that could cause a large volume magazine to be worn with the charm attached to the "Tommy Gun" gun from the FPP perspective.

Fixed an issue where mouse point disappears and movement is restricted when clicking on a character with the character rendering preview option deselected in the inventory. 

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