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OnePlus released the Official Camera Samples of OnePlus 7 pro

OnePlus 7 Pro whose launch is getting closer with each passing day, the company is creating more excitement will a little leak on each pasing week

OnePlus in the Latest Tweet has shared some Samples of the OnePlus 7 pro camera with 3x zoom lens

The images shared had a crow in each sample might be because they have taken on International Crow Day , The images taken looks crisp but the 3x zoomed pic looks like a cropped one,  though the image details can't be checked properly as the shots shared gets compressed on the twitter but camera quality looks improved overall

Earlier Wired has shared some samples of OnePlus 7 pro also and said that camera looks improved but couldn't beat the Huawei P30 camera quality

Now all the Excitement will get its true power once OnePlus reveals their Oneus 7 series Officially on 14th May

Stay Tuned For more :)

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