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One plus 7 Pro India price exposure: looks a bit overpriced as expected

IsanAgarwal24, an Indian broketer, shared the pricing of a 7 Pro, in the Indian market, the starting price of 6+128GB is 49,999 rupees (about 4,873 yuan), 8+256GB is 52,999 rupees (about 5,166 yuan), 12+256GB It is 579,99 rupees (about 5,563 yuan).

Even if the Bank of China can do it cheaper, it is expected to start at more than 4,000 yuan. It seems that Liu Zuohu’s “5000 yuan is enough to buy” when interacting with netizens is not an exaggeration.

The 7 Pro looks bit overpriced,  and this might impact on the buyers. The Price for 6+128GB should be under 45k in Indian Market , yet the price isn't official,  may be OnePlus might change the price before launching to attract the more customers and will make the Phone a Successful worldwide

Regarding the shape and main configuration of the One Plus 7 Pro, it has been basically clear. This time, we have selected a pop-up proactive plan to achieve a non-aliased full screen, and obtained The A+ rating of the authoritative screen test organization DisplayMate.

According to previous news, one plus 7 will continue 6T water drop screen, rear dual camera, 3700mAh battery and 20W fast charge; while one plus 7 Pro is upgraded to 6.6 inch 2K resolution screen, 90Hz refresh rate, rear three camera (48 million + 8 million telephoto + 16 million wide angle), 4000mAh battery (30W fast charge), etc., and replaced with a pop-up front-end design, that is, a full-screen without a special shape.

The One Plus 7 series will be released in New York and Banglore on May 14 and the National Bank Conference in Beijing on May 16.

Stay tuned for more :)

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