Official release of realme X more features: a new generation of screen fingerprint + VOOC 3.0

According to official news, realme will hold a new product launch on the 15th of this month, bringing two new machines, realme X and realme X Youth. As the conference approached, the realme official also revealed a lot of configuration information for the new machine.
This morning, realme official Weibo said that realme X will adopt a new generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprints. The supplier is Huiding Technology and supports the DSP acceleration engine. 

In this regard, realme CMO Xu Qi further explained that realme spent a lot of effort on the screen fingerprint, realme X uses the latest generation of identification modules on the market, the internal code of the summit is G2.4, the sensor size is higher than the previous generation 44%, also upgraded to a 3P lens combination, the optical signal strength has been generally improved, as well as a variety of hardcore technology blessing. 

In addition, realme X will also be equipped with VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology, featuring "flashing while playing", "charging for five minutes, talking for two hours" and so on. 

According to previous news, realme X will use non-aliased full-screen and lift front lens design, the screen ratio is 91.2%; the rear is double-shot, one of the lenses is Sony IMX586, with 48 million pixels, and supports super Night view function. 
As for the realme X youth version, there is not much official information at present, but whether it is from the gossip or naming, the configuration of the youth version will be slightly lower.
There are still 6 days from the press conference. I believe the official will release more information about realme X during this time. Let's focus on it. 


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