Notebook with 6 'devastating' Virus Sold For $1.3 million

A notebook infected with no less than the six most dangerous malware and ransomwares ever developed by humans was sold on Tuesday (28) for $ 1,345,000.

The notebook, a Samsung Blue Netbook 2008 with Windows XP SP3, was a piece of art that was dubbed "The Persistence of Chaos," designed by the artist Guo O. Dong. According to Dong, the notebook was a representation, "a bestiary, a catalog of historical threats."

Guo O. Dong further notes that if combined, the threats present in the notebook have caused more than $ 95 billion in damage worldwide. Since the live broadcast of the notebook in an enclosed, secure and unplugged room, the artist had asked for $ 1.3 million for the computer.

The buyer of "The Persistence of Chaos" did not reveal his identity and chose to remain anonymous.

Below is the list of the six most dangerous malwares and ransomwares ever developed by humans, according to the artist, present in the notebook:

  • WannaCry: ransomware that infected more than 300,000 machines in 150 countries. To this day he continues to attack outdated computers. An ransomware hijacks the machine when encrypting files and requires a cryptomeo amount for document release

  • BlackEnergy: malware responsible for attacking infrastructure - caused power outages in Ukraine

  • Dark Tequila: malware that steals credentials with targets in Latin America

  • ILOVEYOU: ancient worm, attacked more than 50 million PCs in 2000

  • SoBig: 2003 worm for distribution of viruses, malware and other types of attacks

  • MyDoom: backdoor, 2004 and Russian, paves the way for different types of hits 

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