No WiFi or mobile networks! Sony creates chip that allows incredible distance communication

Sony is doing poorly in the smartphone market , but it may still launch a folding product next year. Meanwhile, it continues betting on networks to ensure a certain competitiveness in this market, and Japan is with a project that can revolutionize the internet industry of things.

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The ELTREAS Sony network will soon air. Thanks to the CXM1501GR chip, manufacturers of IoT devices will be able to implement a device capable of communicating with the Japanese low latency network that can reach 100km. That would be revolutionary because today these products work very limited thanks to the low reach of wi-fis, or they come at extremely salty prices by the use of mobile networks that charge high fees.

The power of the manufacturer's network could be explained by exclusive technologies and permission to use the 920Hz band in Japan. The company believes that ELTREAS will revolutionize this market and help in the implementation of smart cities, since its applications go through modern services such as rental of bicycles, public light bulbs, external defibrillator automation, 24-hour surveillance systems, bus and train operation, drone location and more.

For the CXM1501GR to account for all this work he brings other various chips with him, including one for high accuracy GPS.

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The path chosen by Sony is interesting and can accelerate the implementation of smart cities, something the 5G wants to do as well. Despite its most advanced discussion on the international scene, Many under developed countries are starting to take its first steps in its implementation , with the definition of the first bands to be used for the fifth generation of mobile networks.

And you, do you think Sony will be successful in its new venture? Tell us in the comments! 


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