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New 5G Era Monster, Snapdragon 865 Exposure

This is the generation of Snapdragon 855 chip, the internal model is SDM8150. However, its integration at the SoC level is still 4G baseband, and 5G is achieved through the external X50 base. In comparison, the external baseband will encroach on more space inside the phone, and the heat will be slightly higher.

Although the outside world speculated that the next generation of the Snapdragon 855 chip "Jilong 865" (folk, not officially confirmed) will integrate 5G, but news came  that Roland Quandt discovered a chip codenamed "Kona55" Fusion, he speculated that SM8250 (SD865) will be with  external 5G modem.

Of course, this does not mean that the "Jilong 865" will not be able to achieve SoC level 5G. After all, at this year's MWC, Qualcomm confirmed at the press conference that it will be the first to integrate the 5G baseband Snapdragon processor in the second quarter of this year, and will be commercially available in the first half of next year . Perhaps, the plug-in above can be selected with a stronger 5G baseband.

Regarding the SDM8250/SM8250, Roland has previously revealed that it will also support LPDDR5 memory. 

According to the ARM official roadmap, the CPU core aspect, the A76 is now a modified version of "Deimos" (the god of fear in Greek mythology), performance improvement of up to 20%. Not surprisingly, "Jilong 865" may continue this upgrade strategy. 

In addition, Samsung has said that the A76 IP core frequency based on 7nm EUV can achieve 3GHz+.

Qualcomm might release the two variants of the SD865, one with external 5G modem and another with Integrated Modem 
But time will tell best about the Plan 

Stay Tuned For More :) 

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