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Moto Z4 Latest rander confirms the return of headphone Jack

The latest rander of Moto Z4 which was revealed by Evan Blass in a Tweet shows that the upcoming Moto z4 will support a headphone jack , the returning of headphone jack is a good step from the company , as headphone jack is still loved by majority of the phone users

The render also shows the availability of type c charging port , the speakers are moved to the top of the phone and the in display fingerprint might be provided this time as there is no fingerprint sensor on the back side of the device / no hardware  button on the front of the device,
The phone is rumored to come with snapdragon 675 with 4/64gb storage also the feature might feature a 48MP rear and 25MP front facing camera

Yet there is no official confirmation of these leaks but might be available soon

Stay Tuned For More :)

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