Microsoft releases new Xbox Games Bar for Windows 10

On Wednesday (22), one day after releasing the long-awaited May 10 update of Windows 10, Microsoft is making the long-awaited Xbox Games Bar available to users of the operating system.

Like the Discord or Nvidia GeForce Experience bars, the new Xbox Games Bar overlaps the entire screen area, and each session has widgets that allow you to adjust volume settings or monitor RAM, GPU, and CPU usage of the machine.
Barra also already automatically integrates your list of friends on the Xbox system, allowing you to send messages and even search for groups that play the same games as you. Another new feature is the integration of Bar with Spotify , allowing you to control the playback of a playlist without having to leave the game for it. There is also the possibility of accessing your favorite streamers without leaving the game, allowing you to continue playing while accompanying the broadcast on a smaller overlay screen (picture-in-picture).

The tool has a completely customizable interface, being able to remove any widget or even fix some to appear even when the bar is hidden (which is very good for those who do not have a computer of the best and need to keep an eye on the temperature of the processor ).
Microsoft guarantees that the Bar will be compatible with most games and should work in any environment that uses Windows 10 as the operating system. To access the Toolbar, you only need to update Windows and use the Windows + G key command to. This command will open the Xbox Games Bar on the game screen and you can organize the widgets in any way you think is best.

Source: The Verge

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