MediaTek promises to launch its 5G chip this May

The beginning of this year was marked by the MWC 2019, an event where innovative products, such as folding smartphones, were introduced to the market, in addition to highlighting the 5G, which is considered the main connection technology for a few years from now. That way, little by little chip makers are adding this new form of connection to their products and it seems that MediaTek will be the next to enter the game.

Through its official account in the Chinese social network Weibo, the company revealed on Wednesday (22) that it will be launching its 5G chip still in May, entering the competition with companies like Samsung , which already has this technology embedded in devices such as the Galaxy S10 5G . Note that not all smartphone manufacturers already have this type of chip, so Apple , for example, seems to only bring 5G modems in 2025 .

Speaking of modem, the MediaTek Helio M70 was scheduled for the first half of the year, with a 5G system chip being planned only for the second half. Thus, it is not known if the posting of MediaTek implies an official launch of the M70 modem, or one of a new SoC.
Source: Weibo (MTK)

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