Leak reveals apps appearance with dark mode on iOS 13

The Apple must have iOS 13 on Monday (3) during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The brand's new operating system is expected to arrive with the native dark mode and new tools for applications such as Reminders and Mail.

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Last week, a designer even came up with a concept to demonstrate the look of iOS 13 on iPads and iPhones , but now a leak reveals the exact design of some features. The screenshots were shared with the 9to5Mac website and released on Tuesday (28).

According to the images, the dark mode of iOS 13 can be activated through System Settings or a shortcut available in the Control Center, which allows quick access to certain features. With the tool, users can change the color scheme of the system to reduce the brightness of the device and ease the visual discomfort.

On the home screen, the only noticeable change is the Dock, an area that shows the applications most used by the user (or the ones he chose to be there). With the dark mode, the background of the Dock adopts a vibrant dark tone instead of the clear.

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While the dark mode is on, the Music application displays a true black tone, not the dark gray chosen by companies like Google . The color looks good on the OLED device and can impact the battery life of the device - for the better. This is because the OLED display would no longer use power to turn on the screen's pixels.

Another Apple change changes the interface that appears after a screenshot. Instead of displaying a gray background with small marking tools at the bottom, the device features a version of the user's wallpaper with realistic annotation tools. The same interface has also been redesigned on the iPad, but also allowing the user to drag the annotation capabilities across the screen.

The Reminders application is also undergoing a redesign in iOS 13 - the change should reach through to MacOS 10.15. In the iPad, for example, the new application gains a sidebar with separate boxes in "Today", "Scheduled", "Signed" and "All". In addition, users have access to a search box and a collection of lists.

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In this new version of iOS 13, the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone applications will be unified. In its place, the "Find My" appears, which has been significantly improved: in addition to including all the features of the two applications, the application displays a map that fills the entire screen of the device with two tabs: one listing the family and friends of the and the other showing the person's own devices. When the dark mode is activated, the map has the same appearance as Maps in MacOS Mojave.

After the official announcement of iOS 13, the first beta for developer should be available immediately, with the public beta being released in the following weeks. In the event, Apple also must reveal the new versions of the other operating systems of the brand. Android and Health will be accompanying WWDC live and will bring readers all the news in real time - the event starts next Monday (3).


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