Leak Exposed data from 49 million Instagram Accounts

A database, stored on Amazon Web Services, was exposed and without any type of password as protection. The biggest problem? Inside it were the records of more than 49 million users of Instagram, Facebook's social photo network .

According to TechCrunch , the records included public data, profile biography, profile photo, number of followers, if verified, location by city and country, private contact information, account owner email address and phone number. In addition, there were metrics for companies to have notions of how much they would have to pay per publisher to influencers.

The focus of the exposed database is celebrity data

It is worth noting that, according to security researcher Anurag Sen, the focus of the database exposed is celebrity data. That is: accounts with thousands or millions of followers.

Researcher Anurag went after the head of the database and found the Chtrbox marketing company in Mumbai, India. After the contact, Chtrbox removed the database from the air, but did not comment on the case.
Facebook has sent the following note: "We are reviewing the issue to understand whether the data described, including email and phone numbers, is from Instagram or from other sources. Also asking questions to Chtrbox to understand where this data came from and how it became publicly available."

Source: TechCrunch

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