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It was bad! Microsoft confirms error in Windows 10 restore system

Microsoft officially confirmed yesterday a new problem related to operating system restore after installing Windows 10 updates, resulting in error 0xC000021A.
According to the statement released by the company, this problem will have as main failure identified the non-loading of the desktop, which includes the display of the already known "blue screen of death" due to a conflict in the time to restore existing and previous drivers, an error considered already effectively known by the American.

In the statement, Microsoft confirms that the problem can be circumvented simply by running System Restore in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), and at least for the time being ignored the option available within the system settings.

To perform the procedure in question, the user must take the following path to perform the most secure procedure: Start Menu> Settings> Update and Security> Recovery> Advanced Options and then "Restart Now".

When you perform the above procedure, the computer will restart and display a screen where you should click on the options "Troubleshoot"> Advanced options> System Restore.

For now, there is no information regarding the correctness of the problem in question but considering the fact that Microsoft itself claims to know this, it is very likely that its implementation will occur soon.
Source: softpedia

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